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Hannah Stonehouse Hudson

VIDEO:  "Empathy and the power of virtual communities"

Hannah, a photographer and writer based on the south shore of Lake Superior,  knows what it means to go viral. She experienced how a single photo placed on Facebook could change her world overnight, waking up the next morning with media calls and inquiries from around the world. Strangers by the thousands came out of the ether to learn more about the story behind the photo and to offer financial and moral support for the subject of the photo. In contrast to popular internet shaming and divisiveness, Hannah's experience was mostly a positive one, an example of how an internet community can band together in a virtual instant. They came to her individually with good intentions, even if collectively it was a bit overwhelming.
Then, months later, after the mayhem settled down to a manageable level, it happened again. This time the focus was about Hannah, not her photo, and the internet community came out to to lift her up from her darkest days.

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