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Jason Edens

VIDEO:  "A long-term solution to fuel poverty" 

Jason Edens is the founder and Executive Director of the Renewable Energy Alliance (RREAL), a nonprofit organization dedicated to making solar energy accessible to all income levels. A thought leader on issues of energy and equity, Jason has been advancing the solution of using solar energy to address low-income fuel poverty in cold climates. Under his leadership, RREAL has pioneered the broad deployment of Solar Assistance: solar heating systems for low-income communities as a lasting, clean and domestic solution to energy poverty. Done in partnership with federal programming, RREAL’s Solar Assistance program is being heralded as a national model for low-income heating assistance.
“Each season, low-income families across the nation have to make impossible choices between home heating and other basic needs,” he says. “When families are forced to choose between home heating and health care or adequate nutrition, families are living in fuel poverty.”
Jason is also an inventor, a licensed building contractor, a NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) certified Solar Heating Installer and has a Master’s of Science in Environmental Policy. Jason is a former high school teacher, who also taught English in Japan for three years. He earned a masters in Environmental Studies Policy and Planning from Bemidji State University. He currently lives in a solar-powered home in northern Minnesota with his wife and a small pack of dogs.

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