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Matthew Fluharty

VIDEO:  "Changing the face of rural" 

Art and culture are interwoven into the ways in which we talk about the future of rural communities. They are an essential part of community development, nurturing the emotional and intellectual health of a place. Matthew, now of Winona, MN, founded Art of the Rural to recognize, preserve, and grow the many aspects of rural culture, even as our rural communities shift and change over time. He is a national expert on placemaking, which is the effort to strengthen social, physical and economic fabric of rural America through arts and culture. This is a new way to honor and celebrate our cultural diversity that lifts up rural.
Matthew is the son of a fifth-generation Ohio Valley farming family and has resided across the midwest, northeast, and Ireland. Matthew holds a PhD in English and American Literature from Washington University in Saint Louis, where he wrote on the concept of “rural modernity” across transatlantic art and literature. Matthew serves on the Board of Directors for the M12 art collective and is a Research Fellow in American Culture Studies at Washington University in Saint Louis.

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