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Tane Danger

VIDEO:  "Improv, wicked problems, and the platypus" 

As founder of The Theater of Public Policy, Tane Danger uses the fun and fascination of improv to teach about risk-taking, creative problem solving, and collaboration. An improv performer and director since 2003, Tane firmly believes the world would be a better place if it were a little less scripted (and tries to make it so every day). “Improv is an art built on imagination and possibility,” he says, adding that it not only builds vital skills, but also is a pathway to finding solutions to very difficult policy problems. 
In addition to his work with The Theater of Public Policy, Tane presents keynote addresses and workshops on the intersection of improv theater with civic collaboration and leadership. In 2014, Tane won a Bush Fellowship, which he is using to grow as an artist, a civic leader, and to obtain his Masters in Public Policy from the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs.

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