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It’s Grief to Me



Anna-Maija Lee

School Social Worker, St. Cloud Area School District

Sartell MN

VIDEO: It’s Grief to Me

Anna-Maija is a dedicated listener. She is a mother to five children and an active listener for many many more. She is a Licensed Graduate Social Worker with the St. Cloud Area School District and holds a Master of Social Work from the University of Southern California. The primary focus of Anna-Maija’s research has been grief experiences of children and teens impacted by death, divorce, parental incarceration, parental deployment and foster care placement.  She sees herself as someone with uncanny hope, a hope shaped through her own experiences as a teen, and seeks to empower children “to keep going, to keep moving forward when they feel they can't go on anymore.”

Anna-Maija teaches awareness of the many forms of grief experienced by children and teens, to help foster healthier communities and family systems. “I'm teaching middle and high school students in a way that matters to me and I'm doing what I love to do,” she said. “Although the work is tough, I'm listening, learning, and doing my best to empower my students to keep moving and keep pressing forward with hope.”