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 Jobs and Veggies for Every Neighborhood

(yet to come)


Barry Thoele

Inventor, Grower

Staples MN

VIDEO: Jobs and Veggies for Every Neighborhood (yet to come)

As a 58-year-old inventor from Staples, Minnesota, Barry has spent his adult life working with fish farming, crop production and wetland restoration.  For 30 years, Barry has pursued sustainable practices, based on the belief that the meaning of life is to serve future generations by progressing knowledge and innovation to our utmost potential.


In hydroponics that work has taken on a whole new direction in establishing a stable, economical and ecological food system. Barry sees the potential in hydroponic food production to start small new-age farms throughout rural and urban areas, creating jobs for millions of people.  The farms can be built using existing infrastructure that currently sits idle all across America, and it is a business model that can be duplicated around the world.