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Elisa Korenne

Writer. Performer. Songwriter. Storyteller.

New York Mills MN


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Elisa Korenne is an award-winning performer, songwriter, and writer. She was educated at Yale University and the London School of Economics and started her career in international development by co-founding the technology nonprofit Geekcorps. When she gave up her day job, she never expected music would lead to a move from New York City to rural Minnesota. Her memoir, Hundred Miles to Nowhere, about how she found somewhere (and someone) in the middle of nowhere, will be released by North Star Press in June 2017.


Elisa weaves songs about the human condition from strands of rock, blues, folk, and Americana. In her hands, stories of fascinating and under-sung historical figures become song portraits. Extraordinary experiences become musical snapshots of emotional truths.


Elisa has released five albums to critical praise and performed regionally, nationally, and internationally. Her music has been featured on HBO, VH1, MTV, ABC, and PBS. She is recognized as a pioneering artist in rural Minnesota. Prairie Public Broadcasting created ten music documentary videos based on Elisa’s Ordinarily Unsung songs about unusual people and events in history. Elisa writes and composes in New York Mills, Minnesota, where she lives with her husband and two young sons. Visit Elisa at www.elisakorenne.com.