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Bringing tech jobs to rural America


Nick Roseth

Documentary filmmaker

Minneapolis MN

VIDEO: Bringing tech jobs to rural America 

Nick is a passionate technology leader who works at the intersection of business, creative solutions, and technology. Over the course of a 15-year career in digital technology, he has touched all aspects of tech development. Nick served as producer for DocuMNtary, a video project designed to support Minnesota’s goal to become a Top 5 tech community. The video series looks at the fast-growing technology environment in Minnesota and serves as a remembrance of Minnesota’s tech-heavy past. “We have an incredible community, we are growing, we need tech talent, and we don’t do a very good job of telling our story,” he writes on the www.docuMNtary.com website. “We have so much here, but these stories, opportunities, and communities are not always visible.”

Nick is also Chief Operating Officer at SWAT Solutions in St. Louis Park, where he oversees marketing, execution, and the consulting group. He says he is driven by lifelong learning and continuously seeks ways to explore new disciplines and grow our creative communities.