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Mother Knows Best:

Listening to women improves health options



Sonya Chamberlain, CPM, LM



VIDEO: Mother Knows Best: Listening to women improves health options

Sonya Chamberlain was born into a midwife’s hands in Colorado and grew up in the western United States.  She earned a BA in English and an MFA in Creative Writing and criss-crossed the country several times looking for work, education, and love before settling in the Brainerd Lakes area with her husband. She found her way to midwifery after work as a doula and childbirth educator left her wanting to bring more choice and empowerment to the birth experience. The birth of her own two children, as well as the various experiences she witnessed while supporting other laboring women, taught Sonya how powerful and long-lasting the birth experience is for women, their families, and their babies.

She currently owns a solo home-birth practice serving the greater Brainerd Lakes area and holds both the national Certified Professional Midwife credential and a Licensed Midwife title from the MN State Board of Medical Practice. Between catching babies Sonya can be found spending time with family and friends, cooking, knitting, sweating at the local CrossFit gym, and singing with Consensus, a local eight-voice ensemble.