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 Light Hacking



Thaddeus Owen

Sustainability Manager, Herman Miller

Minneapolis MN

VIDEO: Light Hacking

Thaddeus is a biohacker. Biohackers take control of their internal and external environment to optimize their biology and create health and wellness for themselves and others. He believes that just as we spend money on work tools such as laptops, software, and seating, we often neglect our most important operating system: our own bodies. He sees our indoor existence exposing us to more toxins, processed foods, and processed light than ever before, causing short term and long term harm. He agrees with many others that natural sunlight is the most underrated nutrient for human health. 


Thaddeus is an engineer and cofounder of an online biohacking educational resource. He spent 10 years developing pharmaceutical products and changed directions to delve deep into environmental sustainability, nutrition, wellness and, ultimately, biohacking. He currently works full time as a sustainability manager at Herman Miller.